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The Future of Backsplashes

Grout is out. Continuous sheets of glass, stone, metal and porcelain are saving cleaning time and offering more looks than ever Full Story
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@old-bushy So, did the paint you used have lead in it (or was it just a VOCs issue). I agree there are way too many stupid laws here in the US, especially relating to fantasy greenhouse gases (Stop exhaling! CO2 has been designated as air pollution). However, you may have done your clients a disservice by using the outlawed materials that potentially could end up costing them big time and may end up not being worth every penny of your circuitous accomplishment.

Until that law is changed (don't hold your breath), it's still the law no mater how stupid the government is, and right now it's plenty stupid. Regardless, when/if this forbidden substance ever is discovered, your clients may be stuck with a liability for: diminished property value, difficulties with financing and/or insuring, or even out-of-pocket expenses for clean-up and removal. If you did disclose and they agreed, then they'll also need to keep in mind all the problems they could be faced with including penalties, compensation for damages (real or contrived), and all the other potentially punitive stuff.
on Wednesday at 11:09AM   
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rjbuc - lead paint as been outlawed in Australia for many, many years now and as far as I know our paints are very "clean". We have very active "greenies" here. I recently painted my house, and noticed that there is barely even any odour in paint now. I'm very interested to know what old-bushy might have used that could upset anyone.......................... well, maybe except Uncle Sam.
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