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5 Finishes Pets and Kids Can’t Destroy — and 5 to Avoid

Save your sanity and your decorating budget by choosing materials and surfaces that can stand up to abuse Full Story
     Comment   March 19, 2014
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Ashley Chenard
My biggest issue with wood floor is that we have it in every single room in this stupid rental home, and I need to put kitty litters somewhere! We have an old lady cat that can't seem to keep her butt in the litter so urine often ends up on the floor. I clean it up as fast as I can and have tried laying down floor covering (she won't use covered/enclosed litters) but shes managed to cause some really bad black tannin stains in the floor that we are going to get reamed for when we move. *sigh* We plan to buy next, and I want urine proof floors for the unavoidable pet accidents from our old kitty (and if she pees at the start of the day and we are gone, even cleanly as promptly as I can does no good, it only takes 5mins or so!) as well as potty learning children who sometimes have accidents in uncommon rooms and don't tell us immediately X_X We try to be as clean as possible and to deal with the messes asap but that hasn't mattered with this stupid wood floor! I did not have this issue in our last home which was basically all tile. But I am not sure how I feel about going back to all tile again, its cold and hard on the feet and crawling knees. Is there a way to have wood that repels the urine, long enough to clean?
March 27, 2014 at 7:51am   
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Walls too Windows, Interior Design
What I don't see mentioned above, is the use of the new porcelain tiles that look like wood planks. I have used them in a number of designs, including bathrooms where one would not normally put any wood flooring in. They are beautiful, come in a number of color ways and texture looks, and as they are tile they are resilient to pet "faux paus". Use quartz lock grout and these floors are so easy to run a damp mop or steam cleaner over.
March 27, 2014 at 8:31am     
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