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My favorite style:
Eclectic, right now a blend of Mid-Century Modern and Coastal with Native mixed in. 
My next house project:
T'ville: Redesigning front screened porch, removing one shed and moving a second shed to its place, and choosing new countertops for my kitchen.
S'field: Clean up and decorate basement in three sections -- exercise room, living area, bar. 
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@ wuff...what a novel tag for somebody who does not have an affinity with dogs! On the same note I could call myself 'Meow' because I just love cats and used to be among the best breeders of the beautiful applehead siamese! My whole house and garden were set up to accomodate my cat business and was a fairytale expression of my affinity with my cats. I feel such a strong affinity withthe feline species that I could walk down the street and have all the neighbourhood cats following me.
I've been told that I have a special magnetism for the cat species, too...they look at me and 'see' me as one of them.
I still have two beautiful cats and that was a codition of my protective dog ownership...the dog had to like cats and protect them as it protected me. It works! Ny neo won't go to his bunk without his cats!
Imagine the situation when I was told to get a protective breed dog...not just any dog!
I didn't want to do it, I don't particularly like dogs either and it meant giving up all my cats and kittens and changing my whole environment that I'd bui;lt over 14 years...but it had to happen.
I searched for two years for a reputable breeder of these dogs who had high ethics. It was a minefoeld...all these pseudo dog breeders offering special deals....I learnt heaps about the dog scene. At last, by chance, I found the right breeder and I had access to all her professional trainers and trialers of protective breed dogs.
My whole life had to turn around and it was not easy. I had heaps to learn.
Now I am with my second Neo from those kennels...and I've grown to absolutely love the breed...not all dogs, just these on whom I depend fro my safety.
Also below...people who have a combination of security measures...that's a good idea but I don't think I could master a learning curve about technology.
My idea of the perfectly secure house is an underground house....Haven't given up on that yet.
8 hours ago   
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Here's an advantage of living in an HOA. I've lived in my community 20 years and there hasn't been one home break-in. Someone did strangle his mother a few years back.
7 hours ago   
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5 Easy Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette

Make your home the talk of the neighborhood — in a good way — with an exterior paint scheme that pops Full Story
     Comment   on Wednesday
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This is our new house color - Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green. Wanted something cool for an otherwise fairly uninteresting 1950s home. It has really changed my mood when I come home. Our paint was peeling badly on the trim, and the house was a blah color. I also think it goes nicely with the plants in the front. I'm thinking of painting the front door, but not sure what color - maybe a gray? Any suggestions?
on Wednesday at 4:47am     
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Where Front Yards Collide: Property Lines in Pictures

Some could be twins; others channel the Odd Couple. You may never look at property boundaries the same way again Full Story
     Comment   July 10, 2014
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We neighbors, one on one side, three on the other side, and one in the back, have been mowing our lawns for over 25 years along lines established by the first owners in the 1960s. Thinking about putting up a fence as we will be getting my Dad's dog one of these days, we had a city engineer come out and show us where the property lines are. I just wanted to get an idea of how it will look once fenced. It will still need to be surveyed,of course.

To my surprise, we've been mowing a strip of the back neighbor's lot, two of the side neighbors have been mowing on our side of the line, and one has built a fence way inside their line. Part of our driveway is on the side neighbor's lot. I guess we will be negotiating the fence line to match the de facto lines where possible. I think we have a good reason to do that, what do they call it, adverse possession, where the lines have been unchallenged for more than 25 years? Maybe we can get the lines redrawn. I am told that is possible with an agreement by all parties. We all get along fine. We don't want to go to court. We are rethinking the whole fence idea.
July 10, 2014 at 5:53am   
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Dawson & Clinton
Interesting how much our houses say about us, especially when one homeowners personality contrasts with their neighbors.
on Tuesday at 2:39pm   
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