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jagarrou bookmarked a story: Make Your Own Tranquil Garden Fountain
September 14, 2014
September 14, 2014
Commented: POLL: Are pets allowed on your furniture? Don't you mean "Do your pets allow you on your furniture?", because hound dog gets what hound dog wants.
June 25, 2014 in Polls  
Commented: Worst Pet Mishap at Home? My Border Collie made me quit smoking. Many years ago, I went through a brief phase of smoking in the house, where I lived alone with my dog, a Border Collie/Sheltie mix. One morning about 3:00 I awoke...
May 18, 2014 in Design Dilemma  
Commented: POLL: Your biggest clutter headache? The dining table is the place that things go to when they have no home, or get used every day. This is motivating me to find a place for those things that works on a routine daily basis.
August 14, 2013 in Polls  
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