Jane Crockett

About me:
My father bought old Victorian homes when I was about 10 years old. He paid 10- 20 thousand for them, and made apartments. I despised the "Steel Town" of Pueblo where I grew up. I despised the "apartments" he was always working on. My 2 older brothers had no use for the dirty, filthy apts....either.
Here we are today. My father is nursing home bound. My 2 brothers and I have taken over the dirty apartments. Those apartments are paying my father's nursing care in a private nursing home. They will pay for his nursing care in a private nursing home as well.
I live in Denver, and want to be closer to my father as he passes on. As an adult with 3 sons on their own.......I look at the old homes in the Steel Mill Town with a different eye. 
My favorite style:
Not sure 
My next house project:
Have no idea....... 
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