Our firm's approach to building projects is rooted in our deep appreciation of the visual and design arts. We believe that buildings and interiors should express a unique creative vision—of client and designer—and a mastery of materials. Ultimately though, architecture exists to be lived in, worked in and moved through, so we pay a great deal of attention to functionality, from small details to larger considerations of context and impact on the environment.

HS2 Architecture (Thomas W. Hut Architect PLLC) works on a wide range of residential, commercial and institutional projects. Our highly collaborative style of working with clients enables us to fully understand what they want and need. We listen carefully, give feedback, consider diverse points of view and build consensus. Only when everyone is on board, committed and excited to begin building, do we move a project forward.

Certification and Awards
"Interiors Award", Architectural Record, 1993
Contact: Jane Sachs
414 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
Recent Activity
HS2 Architecture now has 11 photos featured in a story: We Can Dream: An Expansive Tennessee Farmhouse on 750 Acres
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