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My Houzz: New Life and Style for a 1976 Airstream

Taking a pass on RV standards, the new owner of this 1976 Ambassador Airstream looked to flexible furniture and clean, organized spaces Full Story
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Love your renovation. I agree with previous posts on keeping weight to a minimum. We have an adorable vintage camper that has murals painted all around the outside. It is a real head turner and we get all kinds of thumbs up and waves of admiration while traveling down the roads and in campgrounds. But we bought it after a friend did the inside reno. She paneled it with a lot of rough cedar siding with a cowboy theme. It is cute as can be but so heavy we get terrible gas mileage. I am afraid we will eventually just end up parking her and using her as a guest house (she already has been put into service this way several times) and finding another older camper to restore. This time doing everything possible to keep the weight down to a minimum. Just a week or so ago, Houzz featured another restored camper where she used cork penny tiles for her backsplashes. Vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks is a great choice as well. Just remember during your restoration how all that weight adds up. If you ever plan to pull it anywhere, you don't want a wall full of books or a bunch of heavy dishes and pots and pans. The few favorite books that Jordan kept wouldn't be a problem, but again... weight.

And remember that items shift in transit. We used to have a beautiful 39' RV with 3 slide outs but it was totaled in an Oklahoma hail storm about a year ago. One trip we must have hit a bump or something and our liquor cabinet door bumped open. A full bottle of Skye Vodka fell out onto our couch. Wouldn't have been a problem except a very heavy bottle of tequila tumbled out on top of it and broke the vodka bottle into a million shards as well as soaking the couch in vodka. It was not fun trying to ensure that all the minute fragments of glass were vacuumed out of the carpet and the couch cushions. And I was pretty high on vodka fumes as well! No going barefoot for a while in there.

Regarding living or camping in your boat, we have actually tossed around an idea of buying a smaller size vintage house boat (less than 30') and restoring it all nice and bright and fun. Then we can pull it wherever we want to camp, put it in the water, and we won't have to pay campsite fees! So we'd have our camper and boat all in one! And in response to the idea of just placing a boat in your yard for a fun decoration and play house, a friend of ours recently showed us a pic of his brother's back yard. They have a pool and have parked a boat beside it. They call it "the boat that don't float"! I found a pic but it's kinda blurry. I also attached a couple of our little camper.
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Lisa A
who needs a house up on a hill
when you can have one on four wheels
and take it anywhere the wind might blow.
you don't ever have to mow the yard,
just hang a map and throw a dart
and pray to god the engine starts and go....
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