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Bathroom Workbook: 8 Elements of Farmhouse Style

Go simple, repurposed and vintage for a farmhouse-style bathroom with the comforts of today Full Story
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Jami Jenkins, Any good gloss or semi gloss enamel will protect the finish. Water shouldn't stay on the surface for very long anyway. Just wipe dry when finished using the sink. If a husband is involved in the household....go in after him and wipe dry. I've found that's easier than training them, in my case anyway.
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LOL The day I start following the men around wiping up after them--WHATEVER they have gotten into---is the day I will sign myself into the looney bin.

We often have the 3 adult males involved in car and motorcycle repair; yard and grass dirt; one son is a printer so ink is involved; household repair---and two of them cut their own hair. So---nope! Not happening!

Our old farmhouse--parts of which dated to the 1830's--had the outhouse still ATTACHED to the house---I have never seen this before or since. The bathroom was carved from a section opposite the old cellar steps and just about fit a small 1950's tub--that was possibly when the house GOT plumbing!---and a toilet and sink. All different colors of blue. . All ugly. All porcelain and in good shape so--not in the budget to move! I decided to take down the super ugly stapled on pressed paper ceiling tiles and re-do. The first few tiles came down just fine and then I got one that grabbed the REST of them and not only did THEY come down but they brought the old OLD crumbling horsehair plaster that was above them down TOO. Along with 100 years worth of corn cobs and mouse nests and hickory nuts----

Needless to say we then had to REPLACE the ceiling from the rafters---still with tree bark ON them--out.

I loved that house but boiy did it have some--interesting---things going on with it!
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20 Outstanding Outdoor Living Rooms

Why give up style and comfort just because you add fresh air? Turn any porch or patio into a sumptuous room by following these leads Full Story
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Thank you for the link, Suave! I appreciate anyone taking a moment to read a random comment to help :) Thanks again!
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Studio NOO Design
Wow, since the Montreal climate doesn't allow me to enjoy this, I did not invest in an outside living room, but I do take out my green sofa in front of the water during summer at my country house !

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