Commerce, GA
country cottage rustic /turning the corner to...earthtones cozy yet STYLE
My next project: Our New home..........
About me: Hi, I'm the one on the right in the photo,lol, my names Donna and I'm 58 yrs old Jan.29th. My hubby(ex really..but still married in God's eyes and ours)...We at the age of 58 and 59 are sort of Just Starting Over,, best time of my life!!! You heard the story and some of you have lived the story..RECESSION>>Good credit turn bad, barely making ends meet, in the past we had three beautiful homes, Blah blah blah...we close on our new home..New to us.....Friday December 28th...I Need Major Help here with my decorating skills, let me say....mine and Bryans dec. skills because this man has Ideas of how he wants to decorate this home just like me and he always has..Now we want to combine our decorating ideas and make a warm comfortable comfy home with character, a home that is cozyyyy and it Is Us!!! Help me NOW!!
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