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J Swanson
Hi Allison,
Our kitty has cystitis as well; luckily she usually just piddles in the bathroom sink.. We added a litter box for her, changed to World's Best Cat Litter, and plugged in the Feliway. Our vet recently prescribed her some clomipramine, which is like Prozac, and she's seemed very lethargic after taking it a few days. She's on 2.5 mg - what dose was your kitty's? Did his personality change drastically? Has he stopped peeing in other places? Thanks.
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Since my earlier post on this thread, I have had GREAT success with changing a few things for my "pee pee" boy: I bought a large uncovered corner litter box by Nature's Miracle that gives him plenty of room to side-step other things in there and turn around. It has high sides so spraying and scatter is contained. And most importantly, I bought some of the highly recommended Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter. I don't know what's in that stuff, but it really works! You can order it online at Amazon or if you can't find it in a pet store. It's about $12 for 20lbs. It's a wee bit dusty so I am planning to move back to World's Best litter once I'm confident in Caney's new habits (you can also buy the Cat Attract additive to sprinkle on any brand of litter) but for now we will stick to this litter because its' WORKING! I also keep the box scooped as often as possible (thank goodness for the Litter Genie...)

J. Swanson, we used to have our boy on kitty prozac but we stopped giving it to him because we didn't like him being so loopy... we were afraid for his safety when outside. Try putting something flat over your sink to stop her thinking it's a box (we used a retired cutting board) and put an uncovered litter box as I described above in the same bathroom, maybe under or next to the sink, see if you can wean her off the sink. Make sure if she uses the litter box to stay very quiet so you don't distract her, but give her lots of praise and maybe a treat after she's been in it. Positive reinforcement has been a big deal in our boy's progress. I can't stress enough what an improvement we've seen - from not using a litter box at all for 10 years, to always using the box... I'm thrilled. Good luck!
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