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Retired from a career in public relations and fundraising to focus on our garden and home, getting ready for the next phase of our lives when my husband retires. I have been a DIY'er before it was even called that—building stone walls and steps, making curtains all the while being a life-time foodie. 
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Transitional, eclectic, personal 
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I'm in it. The whole house is involved and we are living through an amazing level of chaos. If I survived this, I'm kicking back and just going to enjoy it. My husband of 38 years doubts that seriously. 
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How many little gray cells have I consumed with this issue? In the end, after thinking I would go gas with the big reno, I went induction. It's quick, safe, easy to clean, needs less ventilation and the pots are easy to clean after use.

I prefer the Cook-tek brand of induction over the Volrath. I am keeping the hobs portable for the ease of clean and repair/replacement. I chose three 1800 watts and one 3500 watt. I think all 1800s would have been just fine. I also decided that at 64, I'm too old to bend low for a range and went with double ovens. After much reading here and other sites, I chose Miele over Wolf double ovens. Too many problems with that beautiful blue porcelain which can turn into flying glass shards and a once great company still calling the problem "cosmetic".
August 14, 2014 at 10:04AM   
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Karin Marrero
After months of researching, talking to service and installation people... we decided on a Bertazzoni range and we have been very happy!!
on Sunday at 4:53PM     
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Is the oven temperature on the Berta easy to control? I've read different things.
on Sunday at 6:28PM   
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The Future of Backsplashes

Grout is out. Continuous sheets of glass, stone, metal and porcelain are saving cleaning time and offering more looks than ever Full Story
     Comment   August 7, 2014
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OK back to amend what I wrote earlier. The mirror is not on my cabinets but behind my cabinets! Most of my storage is open (chrome metro shelves) and the mirror walls are the sparkling backdrop. The mirror behind the cooking bench is amazing. I am using induction and I am keeping the hobs portable because I believe in the power of induction but I don't think it is fully evolved yet. I had a "cooking bench" made lower to accommodate the height of the hobs and I had to have electrical outlets behind this work area in the mirror. The cuts were done perfectly. I had an 8" stainless backsplash, three-sided with coved edges that sits on top of the bench so that the mess of the cooking area is just a microfiber wipe down away (no grout). I was surprised to learn that the cuts are still done by hand and not with a lazer. The installer made a drawing of the area, gave it to the "cutter" and he made the cuts and the mirror were installed with no mistakes. This remodel has been long and often difficult, but the cuts in the mirrors were not.
August 7, 2014 at 9:54AM   
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Laminate Chemetal caught my eye. Does anyone have experience using it as a backsplash? Was thinking of using it for wet bar and kitchen, but need to know how it will hold up to moisture (rust?, warp?) and high heat behind commercial grade gas stove. Also, with sheet materials, how are the end edges handled? Meaning, there are areas where the backsplash will end without a border to run up against. Tiles are cut bullnose for these situations, what does one do with solid sheet applications?
Yesterday at 6:03AM   
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@old-bushy So, did the paint you used have lead in it (or was it just a VOCs issue). I agree there are way too many stupid laws here in the US, especially relating to fantasy greenhouse gases (Stop exhaling! CO2 has been designated as air pollution). However, you may have done your clients a disservice by using the outlawed materials that potentially could end up costing them big time and may end up not being worth every penny of your circuitous accomplishment.

Until that law is changed (don't hold your breath), it's still the law no mater how stupid the government is, and right now it's plenty stupid. Regardless, when/if this forbidden substance ever is discovered, your clients may be stuck with a liability for: diminished property value, difficulties with financing and/or insuring, or even out-of-pocket expenses for clean-up and removal. If you did disclose and they agreed, then they'll also need to keep in mind all the problems they could be faced with including penalties, compensation for damages (real or contrived), and all the other potentially punitive stuff.
Yesterday at 11:09AM   
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Rethinking the Master Bedroom

Bigger isn’t always better. Use these ideas to discover what you really want and need from your bedroom Full Story
     Comment   August 6, 2014
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Our 5 bedroom house was built in 1968 as, I say, totally without grace or lovely architecture, nothing to hold me back so.....I turned the master bedroom upstairs (with small bath) into our tv room, two bedrooms are offices for my husband and me and the smallest bedroom downstairs is a library. We chose the smallest bedroom upstairs for our bedroom. I view it as a sleeping chamber. It works for us. My husband did say years ago but the time was finished no room would be used for its original purpose. (I had already turned the family room adjacent to the kitchen to a dining room and used the original dining room as part of a long living room. He wasn't surprised when this last remodel took down the wall to the kitchen, made the living room a parlor (small) and now the back of our house is one long room of kitchen, dining, library, pantry. It's a our retirement "apartment".
August 6, 2014 at 9:32AM     
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Norma Sassone, I agree with you -- I prefer my bedroom to be totally dark when I'm going to sleep.
on Sunday at 8:21PM     
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Bookmarking this will be back to read the comments :)
Yesterday at 7:27AM     
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Kitchen of the Week: Style Trumps Ease in a San Francisco Loft

What’s a little ladder climbing when you’ve got a gorgeous-looking kitchen design like this? Full Story
     Comment   August 1, 2014
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Not every kitchen needs to be designed with Martha Stewart or a family of 5 in mind. A 1500 sf loft in San Francisco? He's probably not even sacrificing resale value with this design. It's unique and appropriate to the space - something many may find enhances the appeal rather than detracts from it.

No, not exactly for everyone, but nor are many urban experiences and the unique perspectives they afford. But for may others this is something really special.
August 1, 2014 at 9:47AM     
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10 Smart Ideas for Your Laundry Room Remodel

Make washing and drying easier and more comfortable by considering ergonomics, storage and special features Full Story
     Comment   July 23, 2014
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I stand in defense of laundry in the basement. I know it is not popular. However, when my HE washer went into its spin cycle sound just like a jet starting to take off I decided to put those suckers in the basement. folding space, a rack for non dyer articles and if anything happens, I have a drain in the floor. I also did the unforgiveable: I separated the the units and placed the dryer on the outside wall to have the shortest dryer vent run. The washer and sink had to go a bit down the other wall. Yes I have to move the wet clothes to the dyer, but I don't regret it a minute. There I have room for a large stainless utility sink, the ironing board is always up. My sewing machine in nearby. I have an electric kettle for tea. All is good. And since I'm in Kansas, I'm ready (never really ready) for a tornado!
July 23, 2014 at 11:54AM     
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Anina Salerno_Aita
I just wanted to second an earlier comment on the front loader odor problem. I keep two old dishtowels in the laundry room, one folded on top of the machine, the other on the door of the machine, so that it cannot be shut tightly. When I wash a load of clothes, I toss the towel in with them. It goes into the dryer when the clothes are done. I take the other dish towel and wipe the wet door and the gasket down, and then hang the slightly damp towel over the door to keep it open. When the clothes come out of the dryer, the dry towel gets folded and goes back on top of the washer. No odor, no slime, no problem. I also do a load of white clothes with bleach every week, which I suspect doesn't hurt either.
I am going to be "rehabbing" our laundry room in the near future, so I love all the great ideas on how to improve things.
August 8, 2014 at 4:24PM     
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Norman Dela Peña
August 13, 2014 at 12:56AM   
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