Zero steps so all can enter easily! NC bulders love to put tiolets in small cramped closets. This does not work for the aging population, those who use wheelchairs or others who have mobility challenges.
My next project: My own kitchen needs to be redone.
About me: I"m a Realtor who specializes in Universal Design, "aging in place" and accessible homes. My mission is to be of service to the WHOLE disability and aging in place community whatever the real estate needs. I am fluent in American Sign Language.

I love what I do and I love my niche. I come to it with passion and life experience. I grew up with a Deaf sister who passed away at 18 yrs old. She was an inspiration to me and she is why I have always maintained a connection to the Deaf Community. She also prepared me for being the mom of Josh who happens to have autism.
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