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Considering Renting to Vacationers? Read This First

More people are redesigning their homes for the short-term-rental boom. Here are 3 examples — and what to consider before joining in Full Story
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Kathryn Kucharski
I lived in a Victorian triple-decker in Cambridge, MA and the bottom floor owner wanted to do corporate rentals - prohibited by our condo laws (and the other two owners lived in their units and we would share the front and back doors with the rental unit). She finally agreed to just have tenants with yearly leases again. As others mentioned be sure to have buy-in from your neighbors - in our situation we would have had strangers in our back yard and common areas constantly and no idea who was renting it that day or week and whether they would be considerate of the other owners need for quiet in our home.
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No way I would have strangers in my home for any length of time. Period. Bad economy? I'd live in a tent before I would rent. I rented half acre lots to manufactured home owners for 15 years -- that was just renting vacant land....most I ever had to do was haul in dirt to fill a sink hole and have a couple trees removed that had been hit by lightning......and I wouldn't even do that again!
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Really enjoyed this article as I deal with these issues myself. Have been a landlord of sorts for many years in 2 states concurrently. One a vacation rental home in FL. Seasonal snowbirds gotten through vacationrentals.com were all fine. Nearly always responsible middle aged home owners themselves; not destructive. The property is not on the beach, but I would allow a dog as MANY couples want to bring a pet that they treat as their child and they would stay the full season. Never had a problem. Used an agent once and she brought in a "corporate rental". Turned out to be roofers. Enough said.
Instead of guests being a problem a foreign family has moved into the house next door who have their own lifestyle, shall we say. Outdoor Fiesta every week-end, crashing bottles, screeching laughter till all hours. Guests do not pay thousands to listen to that and neither do I ! Calling the police only works for that night and creates hostilities. Cultural differences DO matter. I have written to the owner; had no response. Have now rented to an off season renter for the first time. Despite good references ability to pay has been an issue. Have always wondered who would be renting off season and how dependable these folks would be.
Vacation rentals have become popular on Cape Ann in MA. though I rent out a long term apartment there. Mostly good tenants, though some had issues. Long term or short it's a "job". You get the income and the upkeep and the problems. Not for everyone.
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