Home owner
Tucson, AZ
Gypsy/Bohemin I like big clean areas of white and black white. Then add as much color to other area's that add to the white and black.
My next project: I am trying to get my room and front room restyled
About me: I am happy being the mother of four adult children. I live with my oldest daughter at this time. I have five grandchildren. I love beauty! The perfect morning for me was the day after a snowstorm that laid down 18" of snow in one night in SLC. Utah. I was walking to school and saw the sun hit an icicle and shot through the perfect spot. Everything around me burst in to a million rainbows. I was el even at the time and I still believe that moment was the perfection of beautiful. Nothing else has ever come close to that perfect wonder of the early morning.
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