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Kelli Martin
Oh where to begin...
Actually, I will start by saying how thrilled I am to have found this thread. It's delightful to see that the love of formal dinnerware isn't dead. :) I will say that I am addicted to 'all things table' but my first love is formal china. I have collected over 300 pieces over the near 20 years that I have had this hobby.

Yes, I use mine. Almost every day, though not every meal. Because I am in the health and fitness business, I use my china to present healthy meals. I cook, pick a pattern, then take a picture of the meal to post on Facebook. A description of the meal, nutritional information, and, most importantly, the pattern on which it is served is included.

I also set a 'table of the month' which features a different pattern or patterns every month. I have an absolute ball with it and I share the pics on FB. My friends are either secretly making fun of me or they truly do enjoy seeing what I come up with every 30 days. I haven't decided which.

My collection right after college as I began the process of deciding on what things we would include in the bridal registry for our upcoming wedding. I registered for 8 place settings of Noritake Rothschild and 5 of Noritake Lacewood (those 5 were left over from the store's stock of that pattern which had been discontinued). Crystal and stainless were also on the registry. Since it was becoming clear that I had a greater interest in collecting multiple patterns than in growing a set of just one, I chose not to register for serving pieces in those patterns, instead opting for clear glass and crystal pieces

And so it began. I soon added a small set of Lenox Kelly but, as the years passed and I picked up pieces of 'this and that', I found I really enjoyed having single place settings of multiple patterns and even convinced myself to sell a few pieces of the sets to make room for more. I regret that a bit and am slowly replacing a few pieces of the Rothschild.

I find that I am partial to Noritake and Lenox but I really do appreciate it all.
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Kelli Martin
Just a couple more pics.
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Kelli Martin
I'll stop now. LOL
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I mix my fine china with a few new pieces, we use ours at dinner parties and holidays. Love displaying it!
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I inherited china from my grandmother Pickard Garland 8 settings 34+ years ago. She had 2 sets the other being Haviland Annette 12 settings. I kept it boxed up until we moved to a house with a dining room 10+ years ago. I was so excited to have it displayed. My daughter got the Haviland china from my mother and we combine plates at Christmas. I also have my late Mother in Law's silver and we all love eating with it.

My other daughters registered for china and 1 uses hers and the other has not. I keep encouraging her to pull it out for birthdays and holidays when they cannot come home. Food does taste better on china eaten with silver.
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