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Puerto Princesa
Everything has an appeal, its all about the location and the mood one feels is best suited.
My next project: A 'BAck packers lodge' on the Island of Palawan, the Philippines.
About me: The ‘red thread’ throughout my career, whether during emergency efforts, volatile environments/situations, the mobilization of urgent projects, or while consulting high-level stakeholders in operations, has been the management of complicated and security sensitive offices, projects and secure vital information with clear communication.

In my spare time I do Pro-bono assistance for SME’s, build schools and community development projects self funded, I enjoy design, learning and giving, but mostly the rewards and the returns. I am also an adrenaline junkie, be it fast bikes, sport fishing, MMA, parachuting, or something new, I am full throttle, but age is catching up - I even sleep furiously.

My work experience mainly consists of the coordination of efforts of various actors, ranging from Diplomats/VIPs’, UN staff, NGO’s, private sector, intergovernmental/International government organizations and national political authorities to International law enforcement agencies and military forces. Including the ability to understand and communicate effectively with all levels of an organization and the external counterparts; from the cleaner to the highest authority, this is critical is any analysis process.

Specialties: My abilities include the quick identification of (potential) problems and, perhaps more importantly, their solutions.

As a consultant specializing in trouble shooting and business ideologies. I have a proven record of successful coordination of multi-disciplinary teams, such as task forces or working groups, and project teams, often without adequate resources, thus also developing the tools and training teams.
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