Kimberly McRae

Virginia Beach, VA  
About me:
I am in commercial real estate, however my passion is decorating! I find myself helping my clients design their space along with leasing them the space. Looking back, i wish that I had gone in the direction of interior design, but will just have to settle for helping my clients with their designs and doing a makeover on my own house. i have a habbit of going into homes of friends and family and redecorating it in my head. i sometimes even go as far as drawing out the space on my Room Planner app and redigning the space. I have the vision to take a blank space and see the possabilities and I believe if I can think it then it can be done and won't except an answer of "it's not possible"....anything is possible. I like to get a little creative and take risks and I see the looks from family and friends when I explain to them my ideas. I don't mind the looks though and actually welcome them because I love to see the opposite reaction once they see the completed project. 
My favorite style:
Transitional to the sleek and simple lines of contemporary with a splash of eclectic bold glamour 
My next house project:
Dining Room/Living Room:
1) Painting walls in lofty grey & 2 accent wall in a blue (peacock/turquoise/ocean). Accent wall 1 has fireplace with windows on either side in dining room. Accent wall 2 runs perpendicular to accent wall 1, but not connected and is in living room. May do a faux technique on this wall...haven't decided.
2) Adding trim running floor to ceiling from outer edge of existing mantel to make fireplace seem taller and to frame it in. Extending mantel in width an additional 2-3 inches and in length an additional inch on either side. Removing cabinet doors to above fireplace TV nook and adding a monocromatic blue textured canvas painting i will create to fill opening. Moving existing door tracts from side of TV nook to top and attaching European hinges to top back of canvas so canvas can be lifted from the bottom and retracted into top of nook the same way the original doors did. Still working on the execution of this. I painted the fireplace in a metallic silver paint as well as the wall space on the inside of where the new trim will be installed and up to the ceiling. The detail work on the fireplace I painted in a metallic pewter for contrast, including the mantel and the trim that frames the TV nook, but used a faux technique on the trim around the nook using shadows of the metallic silver and mixing a small amount of black paint to the metallic pewter. It probably sound crazy, but the fireplace actually turned out great. It has an elegant glamorous feel and really pops! 3) I have yet to find a fabric I like that isn't ridiculously expensive, but I am going to install ceiling tracks to hang drape panels that will go floor to ceiling. The fabric needs to have a contemporary feel and be a print. The background will need to be a silvery/grey with accents of the blue. I would prefer it to have a couple variations of the blue as the room has variations of blues in it that blend nicely. 4) my dining room table is a large wood sleek table in an expresso finish from crate and barrel with parson chairs from restoration hardware in a silvery blue micro sued. I either want to find a mirrored sideboard/buffet and add 2 leading mirrors on either side in a simple chunky frame to match the espresso table or a buffet in an electric blue and add 2 frameless leaning mirrors (there are 2 that I like from zgallerie) that are broken up into a design of mirrors within. 5) I love my dining room light, which I would consider transitional. It is the rectangle large light from restoration hardware. It is in a oil rubbed bronze finish with cream rectangle shade. I may possibly have to pain the hard finish to a silver or pewter, but I will wait till the end and see if that is needed. The light in the living room has to go! I actually switched the living room to the dining room years ago because I have a table that seats 8 and the dining room was too cramped and cut off by a support column and the dining room was an open space. The flow is much better since switched the rooms, but the ugly brass chandelier that the house came with is still up there and an eyesore! I am looking to replace it with a light that is a little funky but still blends with the dining room light. 5) the sofa is sort of a beige/ grey micro seude that goes ok, but I do wish it was more silvery. There is also a printed chair in a woven uphostery that goes well with the sofa, but has a lot of beige in it and a leafy print and will not work in this combo room. I will need to find a more contemporary, yet elegant printed fabric that has greys and blues. This will hopefully make the sofa appear more grey /silver than grey/ beige and the sofa will then be a nonissue. 
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