Commented: Did you share a room with a sibling growing up? Yes, my sister and I shared a 9x10 room until she went to college. During most of that time we shared a queen sized bed, on which she drew an imaginary line that I wasn't allowed to cross. When I crossed...
October 11, 2013 in Other  
Commented: Before and After 100 Year Old House Renovation I happen to love the high windows, and they don't seem out of character for the home. My parents have a 1917 Arts & Crafts home and we had high Eastern exposure windows flanking our fireplace. Several...
April 13, 2013 in Before & After  
Commented: Our First Home- and our first extensive remodel Would love to see more pics! Looking for inspiration for my parents' 1917 home
April 9, 2013 in Before & After  
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