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Houzz Tour: Lovingly Resurrecting a Historic Queen Anne

Dedication and a keen eye turn a neglected eyesore into the jewel of its Atlanta neighborhood Full Story
     Comment   April 9, 2014
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thank you, amvanman....I speak from experience...my parents bought a farmhouse that is over 100 yrs. old...I inherited it when they died....living there part-time, I began to "update" it....I started with one guest bedroom..."I'll just remove the wallpaper"...LOL...yeah, all FIVE LAYERS of it ( three layers were painted over...does this mean 8 layers?? )...that brought me to horsehair plaster...totally cracked, and being held up by the wallpaper!! Of course after the falling plaster dust cleared, you could see thru the studs to the outside wall...of COURSE it wasn't insulated....that was why they kept wallpapering over each layer...to make it "insulated"!!! so I began from the outside walls and worked my way in again, doing it "right" this time!! Now of course the sheetrock was "modern" and not "original"...but neat, clean, and ready for paint!! Same with the floor.....5 layers of lino removed ( each showing designs of the era it was put down ) left me with wide pine boards...painted in the center with a huge square...that's what they did when they couldn't afford area rugs!!! And those wide pine boards had HUGE gaps between them, allowing one to look straight down to the floor below!! Do I REALLY want to keep it this way to be "true" to the original??? Er....no. The farm also had a 3-holer out back....no inside bathroom.....do I REALLY want to be "true" to the original and go back to trekking outside in below zero weather??? Er...no. My daughter and her husband are now finishing up what I had started in the renovation process....and doing a great job of it!! They will put it on the market in a few months and move to Arizona for health reasons....the things they are doing are making this fantastic home "liveable" for OUR time, yet "nodding" in many ways to it's history.....but really....with a home this old, which era would you have them give a "nod" to?? LOL...It's many transformations have suited those that LIVED THERE AT THE TIME....and I'm sure the new owners will be putting their own stamp on it as well !! So once again, Carl and Rob, you guys ROCK!! You "modernized" this home to make it more liveable, tweaked it just enough, and nodded away to it's past!! Kudos to you both!!
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ravensmom13 What a great story! It sounds like you've put lots of love in the house but you've given us a great illustration of
what it really looks like to love an old house. You pick up the pieces and put things back together but you also realize that just like most things in life, houses evolve and need to adapt to an ever changing world. The part I love most is your acceptance of the fact that whoever gets the house will put their stamp on it. It reminds me of how someone once told me that when we give something to someone we have to release any expectations and conditions we may want to place on the it otherwise it isn't a gift. I have a feeling whoever gets your family home will be getting a real gift and enjoy lots of love there because you've given them the blessing to fill it with themselves!
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