Renting a place
Naples, FL
Vintage Bohemian
My next project: I'm going to move into my new rental very soon. The first two months are free rent so I plan on spending the money on decorating. For too long I've had to live with other people's horrible decor (including my mom's never ending sea of taupe! Kill me!!). I need colors, plants, and vintage!! Naples doesn't have much of a selection of vintage shops so I'll be trying to collect from all over. If you have any ideas let me know. I'm dead set on making this house cozy, warm, and filled with all the things I love.
About me: I have had to live with family for the last three years while I got back on my feet. You have no idea how hard it is to smush your entire life into a 10x11 bedroom and then share it with your 50lb English Pointer. Everytime I've gone into my storage unit I got so bummed to see all my things, stuff I love to be surrounded with, in dusty boxes all battered from moving. I had hoped that the next time I moved it would be to my own home that I purchased, but unfortunately God has other plans for me. I'm being forced to rent again but TOTALLY into making the best out of this situation. At least 600 sq feet is a little better then where I've had to stay. Ruby (my pup) will be happy about it too.
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