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Discover the Ins and Outs of Pocket Doors

Get both sides of the pocket door story to figure out if it's the right space separator for your house Full Story
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Supa Doors
Good question chlorinequeen and Granmajb - I have 3 little kids at home and know what you are describing. The good news is there are certainly ways to lock and stiffen the pocket door opening

FOR ONE DOOR. (pretty simple)
Swinging doors butt up against a wood "stop" when closed. For a pocket door, create a double sided stop that the pocket door slides into that holds the door snug between the two stops. Most wood stops are 1/2" thick, but perhaps use a little thicker wood if desired. There are plenty of locks and latches out there that would lock this type of door.
Couple this with a small portion of your pocket door still behind the wall when the door is closed (see final point in next section), the two vertical braces will probably suffice in keeping the pocket door from rocking.

FOR TWO DOORS (more involved and to the specific question )
>I personally used a lock set from Accurate Lock, but there are several options which in essence turn one of the doors into a receiving latch for the other door. See the photos attached. If you can, find a heavier duty one that physically locks the two together rather than just latches them.

>For those building new, a floor pin guide channel that is recessed into the floor, combined with the hidden pin in the bottom of the door can also help hold the doors in place.

>Finally, ADD 1" to the width and height of the doors which will effectively create a 1" brace to the "hidden" top and outer edges of the door. This mimics your clever idea to drop the casing around the door a bit, but will creater a more snug fit to hold the door.

Is anything foolproof? Probably not, but these small items can help stiffen your pocket doors from loving kids and grandkids.

Best of luck!!
March 13, 2014 at 9:16am     
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I can't recall if I've ever lived somewhere with a pocket door, but I do like them. I live on a farm in a very old house. The original rooms I think were built in the 20s or 30s and later on the house was expanded. The original bathroom is not usable and we are considering flipping it with the laundry room.
Space is an issue and we are trying to decide the best option for a door. None of our doors are quiet and the walls are not insulated so soundproofing doesn't matter.
A swinging door could create problems so I'm considering a pocket door. The wall is going to be gutted anyway. Only issues are the water pipes would have to be moved and I think the wall would have to be thicker to support cabinets or shelves. I'm trying to figure out if there would be a way to mount cabinets to the wall that has the pocket door inside without interfering with the mechanism.
An alternative would be an accordion door-- my mother's childhood home had an accordion door as an entire wall for her bedroom.
Is there a way to have the opening in the wall be covered to keep stuff from getting in to the crevice when the door is fully opened and fully closed?
I'm concerned about mice and other crud getting in there.
April 8, 2014 at 7:25pm   
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