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From Concrete Lot to Gracious Organic Garden in Seattle

Plants, pests and even weeds have a place in this landscape, which offers an edible bounty and a feast for the eyes Full Story
     Comment   August 10, 2014
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Hi there Amy - it WAS the Glory bower that first caught my attention, as I am admittedly unfamiliar with the native plants in your part of the country...and finding that it comes from Asia it sent up a red flag. You also mention English roses, kiwi vine, Chilean firetree and Himalayan honeysuckle, which apparently - as you have determined - are not "invasive" but nonetheless raised concerns for me as some exotics take years or decades to become so. I'm glad to know you're familiar with the nastier exotics and exclude these; I suppose I'm a "native purist" in that we have so many lovely natives to choose from, and as you say, the plants attract the insects (pests?) which attract the birds. But most insects are specialists, and if they can't find food (or larval host plants) they won't stick around to serve as the base of these food chains. I do know other native plant enthusiasts who also love their exotics, so I suppose vigilance is the key.
June 11, 2014 at 6:54PM     
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Hi detailaddict!
Oh, glad to know it! Yes indeed, vigilance and keeping oneself observant and up on the current weed control board research is pretty important but of course, generally not realistic for the everyday gardening Joe. Learning about plants is definitely a lifetime adventure. Luckily there are weird plant people like us to keep our neighbors informed, ha, ha!
Of course, one of the most effective preventative measures we can rely on is County and USDA plant retail regulations. But we all know they can't catch everything and the word doesn't always spread as far as it can go.
A "garden" is such a contrivance no matter how natural looking. And, such a luxury and gift.
Oh well, I admit, I love to grow all plants, native and non-native, I can't help it. I hope to continue to learn and grow with it:)
June 11, 2014 at 9:30PM   
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