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I'm not for anything's the insecticides and herbicides Monsanto puts into the seeds they now force farmers to purchase (because they can't save seeds, GM is sterile) that are affecting our bees. I am a rural mail carrier and I see bees that land on white mailboxes that are completely disoriented. Can't fly and barely can walk. We are the only country that permits Monsanto to do what ever they darn well please regardless of consequences. Canada has had several well publicized lawsuits, unfortunately, farmers are losing.
June 22, 2014 at 9:06am     
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Yes, experienced it several years ago in the SF Bay Area, hated it because we heard all sorts of reports about what the chemicals could do to humans, pets, etc. Where I live now, near a large natural lake, they spray usually twice a year in the summer for a "rice fly" which is more a nuisance than a stinging problem. It's done with a fogger on the back of a truck at night. I don't care for any type of spraying with harmful chemicals--that goes for exterminators called out to spray for ants, spiders, etc.
June 22, 2014 at 9:13am     
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Your right about them being different
They are however the same I just found out

I always thought North America called it west Nile
Well in Central America they called it dengue
I looked it up just to see

Genus Flavivirus (type species Yellow fever virus, others include West Nile virus and Dengue Fever)—contains 67 identified human and animal viruses

Wikipedia cut paisted above

I swing a hammer for a living
No PHD here

This is the first time I have ever commented or replied on this awesome site

What is happening with this bug is serious and only going to become more serious
This is why I decided to write
It hasn't taken long for this virus to spred
Wait until the other strains make it into the food chain

2 weeks ago we here in Costa Rica we were told that the 5th strain has arrived
This is when it gets complicated

They don't fog the towns here
They would do it but no $ for that hahaha
We are expected to keep a clean yard or risk infecting you nieghbours or even worse killing them

Not going to high jack this thread anymore
My 2 cents on the fogging and control

One last bit of advice for treatment if you get sick
Aspirin only and if you can find coconut water drink lots of it
The coco water is very good and will help you to recover faster

Best of luck with the monsters in the back yard
June 22, 2014 at 7:44pm     
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