About me:
I'm insane. I function but I'm insane. I'm married to an old 120+ year old 3 story 3350 sq foot city house and a man too. We all live together and he swears the house must have conjugal rights. Or perhaps that's what it seems when he is cussing over my latest gotta have or do house project. Mostly he tolerates me not so much the house.

We have one child, 2 large dogs, 2 normal sized cats. This house is a unique adventure for us as I normally work on things without knob and tube wiring or coal shoots.

I am an architectural engineer by trade. By night, I am a furniture re-finisher, re-modeler, cook, dog walker and taxi cab driver. I don't do windows.

I have redesigned, remodeled, redecorated and assisted with well over 1000 homes.

I love what I do. I have a passion for helping others figure out what they want. I feel it's always possible to make things work better or be more pleasing no matter what someones budget constraints are. I strongly believe you can achieve "looks" inexpensively and have an experienced understanding of what is involved in a project. 
My favorite style:
Anything finished. 
My next house project:
Yours. Here! This is how I amuse myself when I'm not watching The Walking Dead or sanding something or redesigning something in my own old monster. 
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