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Commented: Need outdoor lighting suggestions for Cape Cod style home Also some little spot lights mounted on the trees is a really cool feature. If installed by someone who knows what they're doing, you can achieve a moonlight effect by casting shadows of the branches onto...
November 28, 2014 in Design Dilemma  
Commented: Need guidance on infinity pool I don't live in Florida but you may want to check about building code. Propane tanks are normally not allowed directly under fire features. Also are you sure automatic cover reduces need for fence? It...
November 28, 2014 in Design Dilemma  
Commented: Curb appeal: landscape/walkway/stair ideas I live in deer country too and they don't like ferns much. Boxwood are so old fashioned, and slow growing, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure you make it look great. Retaining walls don't need to...
November 28, 2014 in Design Dilemma  
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