My next project: My first home...literally...the whole thing! I have a bunch of crappy/tossed around Ikea junk that while lasted has definitely been grown out of. I need a real bed instead of a dinky frame, and a bunch of beautiful grown-up furniture.

The areas of my house I'm looking forward to dressing up are the great room, living room, and outside spaces. I absolutely LOVE the fact that I have a courtyard and want to amp it up instead throwing a few generic patio pieces out there and always going out back instead.

I also am looking forward having a backyard that is, by theis neighborhood's standards, huge! I want lots of patio, barbeque happenings, and a pool with misters in the patio.
About me: All my ideabooks have been created to assist me in dressing up my new home! I love the Mediterranean style with a contemporary flare bringing that rustic love up to date with sleek lines and cool colors.

I want my home to feel like my own little oasis. I need lots of storage for all of my 'things' and I want to keep my countertops clean and welcoming. I want the feeling of a hotel when you come in the front door and the feeling of a spa when you step outside. I love grayish browns, lots of texture, lots of spa-towel white, and plenty of unique pieces thrown in the mix. Instead of a traditional coffee table, how about a chest?
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