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Bling Where It’s Least Expected

Give your interior some sparkle and shine with metal tiles on a backsplash, shower or floor Full Story
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De Waal Developments
We used a marble mosaic backsplash behind the induction cooktop. It is made out of tiny marble circles. It really stands out.
on Wednesday at 10:01am     
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Life Lessons From 10 Years of Living in 84 Square Feet

Dee Williams was looking for a richer life. She found it by moving into a very tiny house Full Story
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The questions I wonder about are:

What will you do when you are retired and can not use your employer's shower?

What will you do if you have an extended illness and stay home with no toilet, no refrigeration for food?

You are deeply involved in your community. Hopefully your community would reciprocate with assistance to you.
on Thursday at 6:05pm     
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How does one avoid paying property tax?
on Thursday at 7:42pm     
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You know I was diagnosed with a heart attack (mistakenly) and afterward I wanted a puppy, not to give up my fridge.
on Thursday at 9:50pm     
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Very thought provoking. I could not live that small, but we all should ask ourselves one question:
Do we own our possessions or do they own us?
Yesterday at 5:21am     
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I think she's especially lucky to find such supportive, understanding and chill neighbors:
You don't want to pay land taxes? Sure, park in our yard!
You don't want to pay for running water? Sure, use our shower!
You don't want to pay for gas? Sure, use our oven!

I love small living, and I am all for it, but I really think one needs to factor in self-sufficience when building, instead of going so extreme. Not including a shower because you know you can use someoqne else's isn't admirable, it's mooching.
There, I said it.

but the house IS really cute. I fantasize about tearing down my (small, but I live alone, so Big for me) house and rebuilding it much smaller.
Yesterday at 6:16am     
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I would keep it and work around it. It's a beautiful piece of art. Anyhow, since you are converting a commercial space, you will have to make concessions to the traditional feel as the scale of the rooms, sizes of windows etc will not fit. The mural can be the funky element which juxtaposes with the more traditional aesthetic.
March 29, 2014 at 9:03am        Thanked by Will Weider
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It's a treasure- if you can't live with it, put up wallboard for a more traditional look. Don't remove it.
March 29, 2014 at 9:10am        Thanked by Will Weider
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