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I'm a Houzz home tour contributor, interior designer based in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague. I believe there is no right or wrong in design. Everywhere I go I'm always looking for inspiration and I'm here to share it with you!
Prague, CZ 
Martin Hulala 

Czech Republic 
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Design Practice: Start-up Costs for Architects and Designers

How much cash does it take to open a design company? When you use free tools and services, it’s less than you might think Full Story
     Comment   July 2, 2014
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Bianca Balog-Dutton
Thank you for the article and everyone's advice, I am an accountant looking to change careers in Oct and go out on my own as a designer after study and although I'm in Oz, great things to think about as I have always seen too many red lights with doing this :) very encouraging
July 2, 2014 at 10:39pm     
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Jan, much of life is analogous. Thank you for the compliment. We have to wear our "shrink hat" for ourselves all the time to make sure we are not in a 'head game" and projecting our weakness and shortcomings onto our clients. During the dating period we are on our best behavior - once the knot is tied the gloves come off for some. You really get to know people once the emotions start flying in the for-real project. The shrink needs to stay calm and cool and a bit aloof to provide the needed service. Don't say (or write) anything you will regret later - I think of everything as evidence - it puts things perspective - how would this look if presented in court or related to someone else? Clients often do all my work for me in this respect because they are experienced. Some of the things they send me are not well thought out. The lessons are often brutal and unforgiving; hopefully you only need to learn them once and are open to growing and learning in any type relationship. Part of being a professional and providing a service is to be bigger than the client - if they act like a three year old you need to be the grown up. Many times you have to just let it slide by if the relationship is going to work - the best rebuttal for an (pointless) argument is often silence or switching to another, more productive topic. Everyone has bad days and makes poor decisions; don't try to put the fire out with gasoline - use a little water or just let it die out on its own. If there is scab let it heal for goodness sake.

Bianca - don't be in a huge hurry to completely dump the accounting gig - valuable asset and very often a part of what makes a project work (juggling numbers, funding sources, project delivery etc) . Nice to have a second revenue source for back up and a good lead in to projects. "I'm in Oz"? What does that mean? I grew up in Kansas and went to K-State and it doesn't click.
on Tuesday at 8:38am   
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