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Having had top loading Sears, stackables, all in one (good for camping not for real life laundry) side by side Sears without peds, and now Maytag side by side with pedestals (my husband talked me into those because I thought they would be worthless--now I have four compartments to sort and store dirty laundry out of sight--and vented to boot and HE was right VERY worthwhile). Thanks to amazing machine engineers and modern chemists this setup produces clean clothes with miniscule amounts of detergent. That said,

I believe the VERY BEST THING IS TO GET WHAT WORKS FOR YOU--IN YOUR SPACE, IN YOUR BUDGET, AND THAT YOU LIKE! I have a therapy dog partner, Max, The Love Dog (check him out on Facebook) and a rescue dog (Marvelous Maggie only she's not marvelous yet) that produce more laundry than our two career family and four kids did! And, like you, my laundry/dog area is a work in progress. Next, with the help of you and Houzz my project will be to create a doggie/laundry/bath area in another small closet that used to house the water heater (now moved to the attic) next to the laundry AND across from the pictured laundry area a double dog bed/broom/mop/vacuum closet area....within a budget that will NOT break our bank, and easily cleanable by moi, (since I have a sweet husband who I still love dearly after 42 years but who has a hard time finding the dishwasher from the sink) --
and did I mention that I'd like this space to be GOOD LOOKING too?
June 29, 2014 at 9:52am     
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Sarah Reade
By the way here in Australia, we use a clothes line mainly and only ever use a dryer when we need something urgently or its pouring with rain for a week! Our power bills are way too expensive to run a dryer as a matter of routine. I loved using one when I visited the USA, it was so fast! I did worry about the environmental cost of all that electricity though.
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Nancy Sloop
Muriel Geny-Triffaut, when posting it's usually not a bad idea to avoid sweeping blanket statements, especially those which could resemble personal attacks. "Insane?" Not if one recycles the gray water, as we do. And I would compare my wash side-by-side whatever means you champion any day in a cleanliness comparison. BTW, just what method are you championing? Just wondering...
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