Indianapolis, IN
My next project: We are hoping to bring some character back to our blah bungalow... currently in the dreaming stage of a front porch redesign.

Meanwhile, we are DIY-ing a kitchen decor project to steer away from our once "frighteningly flipped" kitchen.
About me: Newlywed & first-time home owner! This is the first home I've lived in for more than a year for a long time, so I am looking forward to settling in with the new hubs & hammering away one project at a time... well, sometimes two or three projects at a time, but he is a very patient man.
Commented: Curb appeal/landscaping? Painting the deck & garage doors to match your shutters (or change all the color to a darker blue-gray, since the roof isn't brown) and lowering the bench backs down by removing the top two boards would...
January 13, 2013 in Design Dilemma  
Commented: need some decorating idea's to improve our bathroom I would faux-lead or faux-stain the window for sure. I agree about darkening the cabinet. Too much beige. Also maybe get some apothecary jars for the little things. But I actually love the sink faucet!...
January 5, 2013 in Design Dilemma  
Commented: Help with Teal Trellis ottoman You can dye the fabric without taking it off - or leave it in the sun to fade out for a few weeks & it'll probably turn just the right shade
January 5, 2013 in Design Dilemma  
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