My next project: I am trying to find a unique house. We are going to move to the DC area and will be finding something near there for our custom home.
About me: Hi, I'm trying to figure out my own sense of style. Josh wants me to have an "oh dang" house and I wanted to learn more about what truly is a want vs eh, i'll get bored. I have two kids, 13yr boy & 14yr old girl. We have 3 dogs from very small to large. lol I like to read, I do artwork, and Josh is an officer in the Army. I used to be in the Navy so we have alittle rivalry going on on some days. We are pretty active and want our home to be an oasis as there are spans where we like to stay home. The military aptitude said I had architect as a top 5 job for me and used to do design but, I value all the imput I can find.
Commented: Which of these 6 attic bedrooms reaches new heights? Madaket... it was nostalgic for me. I felt it to be clean, open, and appeared to be roomy while it screamed to me - escape and feel peaceful. I would love to decorate it in a early 1900's style and hang...
June 13, 2012 in Polls  
Commented: it actually looks very much like our racks that we had in the Navy on my ship. I love it and would like it in my rec room area for kids having sleepovers. Ironically, it's very comforting and cozy to me....
February 3, 2012 in Photo Questions  
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