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So Your Style Is: Transitional

This sophisticated look hits the sweet spot between traditional elegance and contemporary cool for harmony in your home Full Story
     Comment   April 6, 2014
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I took this test 3 times. The first time I got French Country. No way! The second & third I got Transitional, which is better. But while I appreciate neutrals as an overall base, I am in no way a plain jane of whites creams and beiges. I didn't find the questions on this test all that realistic or helpful. I don't like a lot of fuss, but I'm not boring either. I guess my style is whatever the hell I like that doesn't require a lot of care or maintenance since I have kids and a dog. And something that can be easily switched out to match my ever-changing mood and 'style' which is None of the above! lol
April 6, 2014 at 12:03pm   
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Can someone please come up with a less namby-pamby name than transitional? "Transitional" sounds non-commital. It seems to straddle various styles. Frankly, I floored by by the results of this quiz both times I took it (the first time, I got traditional, which seemed antithetical to my aesthetic, and then I got transitional). I mean, I think the quiz itself is a little frivolous--because I like a nice martini and sporting breeds of dogs, I'm supposed to favor a particular type of sofa?--however, the articles that followed were informative and thought-provoking and where the real education began. Before this quiz and my subsequent reading--mostly due to my favoring strong lines and clean design--I would have identified more with modern than anything, but it was always modern with a million qualifications: "you know, that COMFORTABLE side of modern that's not too sterile or too space-agey," "modern with a bent toward natural materials like wood and stone," "Modern with an appreciation of old world architectual details" and so on. Some midcentury modern pieces feel like heaven to me, but others seem to dainty and precious. And I do acknowledge that my fantasy home has plenty of old-world details--a nice ceiling or molding--in conjunction with some modern furniture and lots of texture in a semi-monochrome (though, preferably in a richer neutral scheme, not in the anemic beige that seems to be favored in most of these pictures). In summary, I think the aesthetic described in this article--relying on texture rather than color necessarily to create depth (although I, for one welcome a pop of color), a favoring of natural materials, an embracing of simple and strong uncluttered design--is strong in its own right and deserves a label that doesn't simply define it in relation to other design styles. Kind of reminds me of being in college and studying post-modernist literature. Or the 90's when "alternative" music was more popular than "pop." I just eschew labels that don't really tell me anything about that being labeled.
April 6, 2014 at 3:02pm   
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