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How to Add a Backyard Shed for Storage or Living

Need a home office, a playspace or extra room for your stuff? Learn about off-the-shelf, prefab and custom sheds Full Story
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If rodents want to get in it is very hard to keep them out - kind of like a client that told me her backyard was rabbit proof when we were putting in blueberry bushes - chewed down to the ground the next spring - rabbits really like blueberry bushes. Put out a couple mouse traps just to see if they are catching anything and put those Cling-free drier sheets in your lawn equipment; a very cheap investment compared to having new wiring put in. Absolutely call the building dept about code issues and the assessors for fun. If you don't need a building permit don't worry about it, but our inspectors get pretty excited about pier footings. If you are attaching it to the garage you need frost protection (piers or footing) other wise the slab will likely heave in the winter (anything North of say, Kansas City - you did say snow blower) and rip the connection between the shed and the garage. If you're not too worried about the shed being super sealed (hard to accomplish) you might be able to "hang" storage off the side of the garage above the existing slab and use a foam closure at the bottom so it will be able to move if the slab heaves. South of Kansas city wouldn't worry about it too much but I would ask anyway. Doing it right the first time is a lot easier than doing it over or living with something that is problematic. "Haste makes waste", do your homework (on line and locally too).
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To dream doctor and ShedQuarters: Thank you for your helpful comments!
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