Nadine Robbins

Milan, NY  
About me:

I'm a Hudson Valley-based portrait artist with a talent for capturing the light and life within my subjects. I take a modern, uncluttered approach to portraiture. Abandoning the rigid postures and heavy symbolism of many traditional canvases, I invite my subjects to show their silly, sassy, mysterious, or erotic selves, conveyed through a striking pose, sumptuous gown, or nude torso draped in jewels.

Although painting people is my primary passion, my love of the beach experience inspires my other specialty genre, the still life. Here, my subject is a solitary oyster glistening in brine or a pair of cocktails enticing the viewer to indulge. The links to my concept of portraiture – and to childhood vacations beside the Mediterranean Sea – are clear. 
My favorite style:
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