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Houzz Tour: Personal and Plaid

When it comes to interior design, Scot Meacham Wood wears his heart on his tartan sash Full Story
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Three comments here really leapt out at me and I wanted to offer a hearty "Amen." First of all, the comment about what it means to see a vision fully and perfectly realized - even if that is not a vision of one's own preferred style. I love seeing rooms in the styles I prefer (especially very well done ones), but I think I actually learn the most from seeing a perfectly executed version of a style I'm not partial to. I may not change my style preferences, but it always opens my eyes. As it happens Mr. Wood's style is not that far from my preferences - my home right now has more light colors and florals (yes, that's quite different), and I love radiators, but my favorite movie house is the Addams Family mansion, so I am a big fan of the dark colors, too - anything but beige and white, really. All this to say - I want to second the comment that this is such a perfect execution of its style, even if it weren't already to my taste, I would be blown away. As it is, I am now in the market for more framed art - and a horn chair.

Second, the black lab and the roaring fire. YES.

And third, Mr. Wood's own comment about how he has very little filler AND MOST OF HIS THINGS HE HAS HAD FOR TWENTY YEARS. I hope I grow up to have this trait (I am 32 now, and there are actually things in my house I have had for 20 years, but not many. He has a head start on me, though, and there are plenty of things I've gotten in the last 20 years that I have no intention of getting rid of). This alone puts to shame so much of even the most high-end design I see - all purchased in a year, to be replaced in five. Beauty is enduring. (And as far as filler - I am working really hard on that fault in my decorating as well. It's tempting to collect small things when I see them for a good price, or to be drawn to shiny objects, but I am trying to discipline myself to add only what is useful AND beautiful, and things that are - regardless of their price - fundamentally valuable and that I will want to own for a long time.)

What an extraordinary example.
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Yes, the_misfit, there's nothing LESS appealing than a space that looks like it was put together in an afternoon.
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