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5 Ways to Pare Down Your Stuff — Before It Gets in the Door

Want to free up some room around the house? Rethink gift giving, give yourself a shopping mantra and just say, ‘No, thank you’ to freebies Full Story
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I don't give gifts, and therefor I do not receive many. I love Christmas, but I don't shop. My clutter is of my own choosing., and I can donate it to a resale shop with a clear conscience.
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@Katy Jordan I liked your post...also using a flash drive for backups of photos backup up our given away possessions....thinking about writing cds, keeping track of them, dvds, etc. is so daunting and also I have several external hard drives and one HAS failed...the way I drop's a wonder the rest work (knocking on wood when I plug them in again).
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I'm the person in Target who sees all the possibilities.... I stave off buying items that will eventually be stuffed in the back of the closet by asking myself, "Do I absolutely love this thing?" "What will I use this for right now if I bring it home?" It really helps. Also, if it's something I think will really work, I walk away and tell myself that if I still really want it tomorrow, then I can come back. Often as not, I can't remember what it was the next day. But occasionally, the item sticks with me and then I know it will work - and that's a great feeling.
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