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I could never live in a truly tiny dwelling myself, but I believe that the tiny house movement is a very positive thing, a necessary corrective to two decades of insane debt-financed extravagance and wretched excess. In the "golden" 1950s, most people, including reasonably affluent people, raised large families in 1500 sq ft 3 bed 1 bath houses. How did a 2500 sq ft McMansion with 3 baths, a mud room, a spa, and double-height ceilings that guarantee a monster heat bill, become the minimum standard for middle class buyers? No wonder everyone is broke! These tiny houses incorporate a wealth of wonderful ideas for making your dwelling more functional, efficient, and attractive in far less space, and while you might not be able to contract to such a tiny footprint, they make you realize that the 1200 sq ft , or 1600, or 1800 that you already have, is absolutely sufficient and that you don't need evermore space just to store consumer garbage that you don't need, never really even wanted, and that just clutters up your life and mind while costing you money to store and move.
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Home/Office/Spaces of typical room size proportions definitely have their place at certain stages in our lives. Young unmarried folks would definitely benefit from the economic savings and the immediate attractive draw a well conceived tiny home has. Older folks like me who no longer need a 4000sq.ft. home, to take my valuable time and resources to upkeep, would find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a life well lived.
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