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I love HGTV. I think Hilary& David are way fake. Some of the things they say need work, Don't even need work. Makes me think, they say those things need work and don't fix all the clients "must needs" & pocket more money. Not sure how it works out.
I do like her design work over PB.
PB is fun to watch, they aren't so cute! But they Are so Funny! Their design work looks so cheap though for there grand budget.
Now their new show brother vs. brother. Forget it, It needs to go after season 1!
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I agree with mccbmd3. Glad to see all the shows "back" on the air. But, while I only discovered the programs last summer, I've already seen so many re-runs, I sometimes feel it's a waste of time, and try to take advantage of those hours to get some "real" work done around here. . . . Also, while I count myself as one of the many who would cast my vote for the Property Brothers (especially the shows that focus on updating the owners' homes so they can sell them for enough $$$ to buy new ones instead of rehabing a dump and turning it into a buyer's dream home ) I also enjoy LIOLI – though only with with Hillary and David. (Find the attempt to copy their speech patterns by the cast of LIOLI 2 nothing short of annoying.)

Of all the shows, Curb Appeal and Block Appeal are my favorites; just wish there were some way to coax the cast from their office in the Bay Area down to our southern end of the state. I think 8 of the 10 homes in our tiny cul de sac (including mine) could use a little updating.

BTW, the comment about shows produced in Canada also caught my attention. I was almost 4-1/2 y/o the day my younger brother was born,. His arrival resulted in our eviction from the cramped 1- BR apartment we shared with the live-in babysitter who watched me while both my parents worked — forcing us to move into a "new" home across the street from our apartment building. I used the word "new" advisedly, since the house was at least 60 years old when we moved in. Revisiting it 42 years later when I returned for my father's funeral, gave me what Oprah would call a real "Aha Moment!

The house had changed hands several times since we had moved in, and each new owner must have added his/her own touch. So I hardly recognized it when we drove up. Gone was the drab green, screened verandah and huge old oak tree that once had cast a huge shadow over the entire property. In its place . . . a bright, white cottage with red trim that for a moment truly took my breath away, as I suddenly realized that what once was old can be made new again — including people as we age. LIke a fresh coat of paint or new landscaping, it's amazing what a change of hairstyle or wardrobe can achieve. . . But even more life changing are fresh ideas, a new outlook and new mindset.

Haven't perfected all those attributes yet, but I'm working at them. . . (while trying to breathe new life into my current 45 y/o house at the same time.) For some reason, my "kids" (both in their 40s now and DIL can't understand why I would want to live in the same house for 45 years. With updated features and new furnishings in all directions, I can't understand why not.
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