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28 Outdoor Projects Everyone Should Know About

Learn how to refinish your wood deck, make a garden fountain, add a shed and more Full Story
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Thank you for pointing that out! Too many ramps are bargains with the devil--too steep to walk up or down; lack any sort of edge to prevent feet or wheels from going over the side; platforms are not big enough to turn or to have some one with you open the door; you also need the DOOR to have some sort of ramp at the threshold---

I am not a big "fan" of the ADA measurements per se but there are LOTS of things to think about here---IF you need to ---get a hold of a wheel chair and go sample ramps and materials and elevations etc. I see and use a lot that are well meaning but almost useless. And if the door FRAME is not wide enough--the chair can't get IN and your fingers can be severely injured trying.

This ramp looks more like one to use for a grocery cart or the like not for a real handicapped home owner.
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Very nice idea book! A couple thoughts. A built in BBQ looks great but remember it is exposed to the elements year round (unless it's under cover). I have yet to see a BBQ that won't sooner or later rust or rot out over time. When that happens you have to find a new BBQ that's an exact fit. I don't know, is there a standard for BBQ's like kitchen stoves? If not good luck! Second, someone wondered if people use their outdoor rooms;the answer is yes. Here in the PNW we use ours 9 months a year, far more often than we use our dining room!
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Bring in Warmth and Character With Reclaimed Wood

Got a hankering for that natural touch? Go rough or refined with these ideas for using salvaged wood indoors and out Full Story
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What good timing ! We ( and 6 helpers) just took down a hundred-year-old barn next to us on the Oregon Coast. Don't have a project in mind, but our hearts said to preserve it. Do hope to help it find a home. Will protect it this winter and dream something up. Thanks for the inspiration.♡
August 14, 2014 at 4:26PM     
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