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Our previous 2,098 sq ft home was a two story and we loved it. But, it really took a toll on me running up and down the stairs and cleaning the house took me so much longer. We now own a 1,700 sq ft one story home and we love it. Plus, it is quicker to clean and is such much more friendlier on my knees and back. Yes, this is our forever home and I wouldn't trade for anything. :))
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Feeling more secure from home intruders because one is in a second storey bedroom is a false sense of security. Thieves know that most people keep their cash & jewelry in their bedrooms. The premise of feeling "more secure" in a 2 storey is based on the hope that an invader will never venture up the stairs. Why wouldn't they, if they believed that's where the most lucrative 'take' is?

In a one storey, if one hears someone breaking in, they can open a window, jump out, andT run to a neighbor's. In a 2 storey, one is trapped unless they already have a fire ladder attached to the window ready to go. And climbing down that ladder will take extra time opposed to just jumping out a few feet.

The advantage of a more than one storey home is that it maximizes the space in a lot, and it can be cheaper to build. In terms of "escaping" a home it is disadvantageous compared to a one storey.

I live in a 2 storey. I get some of the reasons some folks have a preference for such. But for security??
Uh uh. No way.

And if I felt I needed burglar bars on my windows... I'd have to seriously consider why I was living in that neighborhood to begin with.
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