Long Beach Township, NJ
My next project: Our house is being built or totally gutted down to the bare studs, renovated and an addition is being added along w/ heat and air conditioning, etc. so we can live there year round. We are starting to rebuild the whole house from the studs on a very limited budget. Our house is at the beach, but I don't want it to be totally beachy. I really don't know my style and this "houzz" is great and helpful; but doing this all at once is painstaking. I don't have good visual perceptions; I need to see it all done first before I can do anything and that is creating a hugh problem for me because builders don't work that way. Wish me luch because I am going to need it.
About me: I have been married for 15 year. I have an identical twin sister. I am trying to find my style so I can do what is necessary to try and complete my house.
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