I am a classicist. I prefer styles that are timeless.
My next project: Our next project will be to convert a Florida room into a four season space to be used as a family room with a study area. Since to enter through the side door, which is the entrance we prefer all to enter through,, one must walk through this Florida room, a foyer would need to front this room. Unfortunately, the price of area homes is such that it would not be economically wise to pump a lot of money into the project, I 'll be looking for reasonable solutions to hold down costs.
About me: My partner and I bought a modest brick cape cod in Cheektowaga, New York. He is retired and I will shortly be. I am willing and able to take on DTY projects; he is not. In retirement, I will attend home improvement classes at Home Depot. I think I would handle behind the scenes project work while employing a professional to ensure that the visible aspects are flawless.
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