Townville, SC
modern, old world, chic, country
My next project: My next house project involves Lots of Paint and Drywall joint compound .. I will be working on making an Autistic spectrum girls room convenient safe and something I seriously hope she wont Rip to shreds .. (crosses fingers)
About me: Hi, I'm a Mother of 3 girls one of which is on the Autistic spectrum and is also ODD ( Oppositional Defiance Disorder). she is the Oldest. My 4 year old is a very dramatic Inspired little person who loves to sing dance and Learn everything she absorbs Knowledge.. My 2 Year old is very funny quirky and Loves me and Her daddy dearly.Even though she is 2 she very sarcastic for her age .. Love all of them to bits.. I'm here to help our House be beautiful and Comfortable. I love Diy Ideas, Art, interior design graphic design, all types of music and I'm a bit addicted to my imagination and tumblr.. :)
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