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Off the Grid: Ready to Pull the Plug on City Power?

What to consider if you want to stop relying on public utilities — or just have a more energy-efficient home Full Story
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Two years ago we had solar installed on our home in Tucson,AZ. We are 100 percent solar ,there were gov.grants and incentives to help with the cost. We are on the grid and sell back unused power to the electric company. I pay the taxes on the electric and it is 11.00 a month when it used to be 100.00 on a budget billing plan and always had to pay extra at the end of the year. We have also reduced our carbon all in all it has been a win win situation. In two years the solar has paid for itself.
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woozy99 I know earthquake claims are doubt about that. The question is weather fracking results in any statistically significant effect on propensity for earthquakes to occur. That is the question and to that point I would be interested in evidence , not funded by the Sierra club or Texas Oil PR.

Regarding flaming faucets there certainly is a least 1 documented case of an advocate of the earth staging and lying about the cause, and in fact the decade, in this famous deception; Are there more? Does this represent the lengths that a zealot will go to further his/her goals or to oppose others goals? What others deceptions and misinformation exists from our self proclaimed saviors of the earth? Where is the integrity? Is it a result of fracking or any mechanism that extracts gas? Does it naturally occur?
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indianeph, It is strange to question alternative energy companies as being financially motivated, while accepting the safety claims of gas and oil companies as fact. Also interesting that you seem to live nowhere near affected communities. You question the first hand experience of those of us who do from a very safe distance.

When one sits in the town meetings, as I have, one has the opportunity to hear from highly educated, respected scientists from our many universities, including a prominent Ivy League institution. You are invited to come and listen to what the academic community has to say on this issue anytime. No need to rely on internet blogs with some of the world's foremost scientists in the neighborhood.

The link between earthquakes and gas drilling has been widely reported in such media outlets as the Huffington Post, Time Magazine, the Associated Press, NBC News and so on. If those are unsatisfactory, you may look at the Journal "Science" (peer reviewed academic journal for the American Association for the Advancement of Science) or perhaps the US Geological Survey. In the case of methane contaminated water supplies (flaming faucets), the PA Department of Environmental Protection found that poor well construction was responsible; the energy company was fined $1.6 million. This was also widely reported, (Forbes Magazine, NPR and so forth). Already in 2014, major explosions at natural gas storage facilities have been reported in Washington and PA.

Your incredulity changes none of this. This is what the real price of natural gas looks like. I wish it were different; an inexpensive, clean, safe fuel would be something to celebrate if the gas industry claims were true.
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