Oregon City, OR
can't decide
Commented: 6 Freshly Featured Bathrooms that Wow - Vote for your pick! I chose st. regis because it's clean, has plants, and I love the view. I love bathtubs that have expansive views, I could imagine laying in the tub staring at the moon or letting the light shine in on...
September 2, 2012 in Polls  
Commented: 6 Featured Family Rooms - Pick your Favorite! I voted gold coast. I'm not a huge fan of the drapes or the stripes though. I like the ample seating and intimate and cozy feel of it. I love the ottoman and the books.
August 3, 2012 in Polls  
Commented: 7 Rooftop Patios Reach for the Stars. VOTE for your favorite! This was tough, not because I loved them all but because they all seem to be lacking in different elements. I voted for NYC because it looks the most inviting overall. The furniture is relaxed and comfortable...
June 28, 2012 in Polls  
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