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13 Character-Filled Homes Between 1,000 and 1,500 Square Feet

See how homeowners have channeled their creativity into homes that are bright, inviting and one of a kind Full Story
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cajunsma, my husband grew up in a home with one bathroom so they did sponge baths most days other than for church. Their TV went out when he was in grade school, and they couldn't afford to fix or replace it so they went without until he bought one when he got out of high school.

I also agree about open shelves. I think people will look back on it and shake their head asking 'what were they THINKING?' Unless you have a maid to clean them every week, you're going to have to wash them before using them. Makes no sense.
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According to the U.S census the average home size in the U.S. in 1993 was 1660 square ft. by 2010, it was 2392 sq ft , down about 100 sq ft from it's high in 2007 of 2521 sq ft. According to a 2006 NPR report, the average home size in the 50's was less than a 1,000 sq ft. Since the 1950's our average home size has almost tripled. When you look at the fact that when adjusted for inflation wages have actually gone down since 1980 we are a country spending a huge portion of it's income on housing and some of it is self inflicted. I remember my father saying that one should never spend more than 1 weeks salary on a mortgage or rent payment and that was when most households had one income source. Now you hear of people spending 50% all the time. This has to be erroding people's quality of life in other areas. Even the stress it creates must be a part of it.
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