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As well as our large tree in the sitting room we have a minimalist one in the tv room made of a string of red led lights and mini command hooks. Though my father insists it looks like the poo emoji on fire.
We have also decorated the kitchen window and bench with 2 garlands, red lights, Swedish inspired decorations, lanterns and Christmas inspired scatter cushions.
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@mrspreece, your kitchen red light display reminds me of what I used to do in my previous kitchen. I had a string of red pepper lights and in the winter it really helped warm up the room psychologically. I had to take them down once the warm weather hit. By contrast, we tried hanging blue lights in our bedroom one winter and they came down within 2 days -- I was freezing with them on! Amazing how color influences how you feel physically. I'm sure your lovely red display warms up your kitchen a lot. Love the big red sequin heart!

I should find those red pepper lights and put them up, I had forgotten about them until now!

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