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Oh woogies3, you're a person after my own heart. Ditto, ditto, ditto! Not only do you get how great it feels to clean out and organize, how much time and money and aggravation you save, you won't be leaving your mess for someone else to deal with! That alone should get and keep someone going. I had to dig thru my mother's chaos 3 times. I would never do that to my grown kids. Think there's a good message here.

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I also struggle with finding the right balance, but several years ago I made a change in my home that was spot on. I had two overly large corner cabinets in my dining room......They were very pretty but very inefficient.....they held quite a lot, because everything in them was stacked. Meaning things had to be unstacked to use. MEANING: I didn't use things as often as I would have liked to. Finally I gave them away and replaced them with a running strip of UPPER cabinets (slightly deeper than 12 inches) along the floor. Since they were shallow, I gained floor and visual space, and there's really no opportunity for them to become cluttered. I have to keep very large platters and bowls (seldom but sometimes used) in other parts of the house, but other than that, all the pottery and glassware I need for entertaining is contained in these cabinets. On top of which, I have a lovely cherry countertop for serving.....and on which I have my mother's two delft lamps, flanking a large mirror. The cabinets were bought at Home Depot for a total of $600, they were maple but I painted the frames and doors white after assembling. Ten years later they still function and look great. This was hands down my single best decorating decision, and it could be applied to almost any room. If the rest of my house hadn't already been furnished I might have done it in EVERY room. In which case, I probably would have had no need to read this article. Happy New Year everyone......and happy organizing.

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Surprised you didn't include some that I see for sale everywhere around this time of year.

I was never a fan of Christmas cactus until my husband received one as a gift when he was in the hospital -- it was huge and covered with red blooms. The flowers are really lovely and like any succulent it thrives on neglect (mine actually blooms when I water it after a time keeping it dry).

Another favorite of mine is cyclamen. Mine seem to thrive in my kitchen window over the sink, probably because I'm most likely to remember to water them there. I'm told they like a cold sunny window, which is what they have there. They have lovely heart-shaped leaves and flowers that look like they are upside-down. They do go through dormant periods when you think they are dying but be patient because they come back after awhile.

And of course poinsettias. I've seen some that are dyed blue or purple or covered with glitter, and I just can't get my mind around those, but the natural colored ones are always pretty at holiday time.

Also, a note on the mini conifers (#1) -- I've never gotten one of those to stay alive. They are usually already drying out by the time I get them home.

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Suzanne L

Etsy has cute Pokemon planters, suitable for a small succulent! Very nice gift for college students that like Pokemon.

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Shristi Nangalia

Ingenious hacks!

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Marie Burns

These are great tips. I'm going to start doing them as soon as I finish building the ceiling over my shower. I feel like Michelangelo, except he had helpers.

Seriously, after tearing out sheetrock, screwing in strapping, muscling up & screwing in a proper underlayment, nailing up a cedar-board ceiling & screwing in a ceiling-hung shower track -- cleaning the kitchen & organizing service pieces sounds like fun!

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The guests all left yesterday. I cooked quiche and a baked veggie omelette for breakfast on Saturday and we heated the leftovers for yesterday's breakfast. I knew I was done cooking so I started with the cleanup. Luckily, NephewSon#2's girlfriend has her own cleaning business and she voluntarily, jumped right in and helped clean the kitchen, it is spotless!! When I get home today, I have to start the task of washing table linens from Thanksgiving dinner and all of the bed linens and towels for Round 2 in December!