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Artchick48. I can so relate to your situation but, I have found value in the many negative things that I had to live with for so long. I was familiar with my kitchen and when the time came, I pretty much knew what I wanted and where I wanted it. I also had to face the reality of, what I want, and what I get are two different things. Unfortunately, budgets have a way of forcing you to choose. I had to prioritize. Still, things do start to add up quickly when your doing a complete demolition. Wiring alone, something you don’t even see is ridiculously expensive. All that essential, no fun stuff is a necessity and it’s price is painful. I didn’t factor the price into my budget. Good thing I had somewhat of a small floating budget. It was gobbled up rather quickly with those no fun items. Not everyone has that issue or, problem. Like you, our home was originally built in 1962. Ten years later, it was modified to more than double it’s size. Back then, people didn’t have all the amenities we have today. Microwave, toaster oven we have way too many items to accommodate the circuit breakers. There’s another no fun problem that must be dealt with. However, it will be nice to use micro and toaster oven at same time. Who knew that practically all appliances must have their own breaker?

I especially can relate to the shavings situation but, recently it occurred to me, that with our new cabinets and drawers, that will have the soft close system, how will my husband know I’m disgruntled without saying a word? For, I will no longer be able to slam my cupboards. That’s a joke with reality thrown in. You hang in there. I don’t know your age but, for me, my grey hair and wrinkles will soon be rewarded:)
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love how you think donnakkk! i research months and up to a year...knew every piece of furniture we needed before we moved into my mama's house, my childhood home :) The electrical panel need another 100 amps estimate of $1400 and have a shed shed i would love some heat/ac lights and fan out there :) we've been told so far no issues with the mechanicals UNDER THE HOUSE, ( joy of 1960's homes ) this house needs insulation...boy have done my share of the "unlovely" but necessary projects. 66 here the miracle would be to get it all done before kicking the bucket lol. Love this little "Leave it to Beaver" house.

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