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ESL Hardwood Floors's Affiliations

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing all segments of the hardwood flooring industry, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers, inspectors, and consultants.

The NWFA is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the wood flooring industry, and provides technical support, education, networking, and more to its members. Learn more at

The NWFA offers training at all skill levels in the installation, sand & finish and inspection of wood flooring. The NWFA Certified Professionals program sets the standard for Certified Installers, Certified Sand & Finishers, Certified Sales Counselors, Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors, and Certified Commercial Inspectors. Learn more at: and

The NWFA's Wood Flooring Expo is the wood flooring industry's premiere event each year, bringing manufacturers, distributors, retailers and contractors together for educational sessions, networking events, new-product opportunities display and demonstration opportunities during the trade show, and more. Learn more about this Top 50 Fastest Growing event, which next will be held in April 27-30, 2016, in Charlotte, NC: